Facebook Ads Management Service

Delivering Highly Targeted Ads with very effective results

FaceBook Advertising is more than just pressing the infamous boost button or posting your products in Facebook groups and hoping for the best. 


If done well, Facebook ads can be an invaluable tool that will be instrumental in helping your business grow. 


Facebook tracks the activity of their users as they browse through that platform and organize that activity using data which they sell to marketers as ads. 


Now, here at Online Experts, we take that data and use it to identify Facebook users who are most likely to be very interested in your product and show them your ads. 

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to print or traditional media, then Facebook ads are your best option. 


A dollar put into Facebook can help you reach at least 900 people in Zimbabwe(we have the stats to prove it and we can show you!). Nothing else in the world currently beats this.


And the great thing about Facebook Ads is that you know who you are going to show your ads to. 


If your business services other businesses, we will create your ads to target business owners, the same applies for businesses in the B2C category. 


Why trust us with your Facebook Marketing?

At Online Experts, we make it our goal to understand the platforms we work with as well as our client’s businesses, goals as well as their objectives which enable us to deliver effective results that are above par. The Campaigns we run for our clients are creative and thought driven to produce the best results for you. 

In addition to the above, we have an excellent team comprising of highly motivated Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Digital Strategists whose role is to collaborate and come up with the best ideas for you and your brand to help you get ahead on Social. 

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