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You can rely on the expertise of our local Search Engine Advertising Team to help generate more leads for your business and grow your sales.

Here's what we will do for you through Google Ads

Help boost your Online Visibility

We will work to ensure that your business gets seen by people who are currently in the marketing and actively searching for your product or service.

Target Your Potential Customers

Google PPC Campaigns are highly targeted which will be to your advantage. We will set up your campaigns to target users who will actively be in the market and searching for your product or service.

Help you get ahead of competition

Through our targeted campaigns, we will help you get ahead of your competition. Most businesses are not using Google Ads despite their potential, something that will be to your advantage when you work with us.

How Google Ads Work

Look for Keywords

The first step with Google is looking for keywords related to your products or services. If you sell solar, we will target words like Solar Geysars, Invertors, PVC Panels, etc

Set up Ads

We will use the keywords from Step on to set up your ads on the search engine. This means your brand will be discovered by people who are already in the market and actively searching for what you offer.

Drive Leads to your Website

After the ads are setup, the last step will be driving traffic to your website. As people click on the ads, they will then be led to your website where your sales team can interact and sell through various tools which includes live chat.

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  • How Do We Do it?

What is PPC and Google Ads

PPC is an acronym for Pay Per Click. It is a method of advertising whereby you pay for the number of clicks you get to your site. The most efficient method of Advertising available today. When using PPC, we work with Keywords related to your products and services. 

We use the keywords to set up the Ads on Google so that when a person searches for your product or any related service, your website comes up and when a person clicks and visits your website, that is when you are charged. 

The first step as always is having a sit down with you to get an understanding and an appreciation of your brand as well as your products. We then use the Google Keyword Planner to come up with Keywords that are deemed profitable.

After we have the keywords, we will set up the ads based on the budget that we may have and constantly monitor your progress, keeping you updated of the progress we are having. 

Get Started With Google Ads

Do you want us to help you grow through Google Advertising? If yes, then let’s get started by filling in the form below to request an appointment with our team so that we go over the details of how we can help each other grow. 


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